Stephen F Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel

Stephen F Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel

701 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX

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Did You Know?

  • Located Near The Most Haunted Capitol in the Country
  • Hotspot for Art Lovers
  • Conveniently Located
  • Allegedly Haunted

The Ghosts of the Royal Sonesta Hotel

True Crime was keeping Austin weird way before art students arrived. That’s why paranormal enthusiasts can’t get enough of Congress Avenue. From mysterious orbs to full-bodied apparitions, this historic hotspot isn’t for the faint of heart.

You can thank its disembodied guestlist to the nearby haunted attractions. The Royal Sonesta is within walking distance to The Most Haunted Capitol in the Country, home of two resident specters. Perhaps these poltergeists rest easy at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.

The Ghosts of the Texas State Capitol Building

Remember, the only thing scarier than a politician is their poltergeist. That’s why we think this haunted property will chill you to the bone.

Commonly spotted in a suit and top hat, Robert Love is the Capitol Building’s most prominent apparition. He was the State Comptroller at the time of his death, yet was assassinated by an ex-employee in 1903.

He’s stalked the haunt for the last hundred years, frightening staff as well as passersby.

Another phantom remains unidentified, though she’s witnessed as a young woman in a red dress. Spectators catch her stalking the building’s stairwell, awaiting to reunite with her dearest, darling departed.

The Haunted University of Texas Tower

If you’re looking for more haunted locations, stop the nearby University of Texas Tower. In 1966, The Tower became the site of one of the bloodiest massacres in Texas since the Battle of the Alamo. This was the first mass shooting to tarnish Norman Rockwell’s America.

Charles Joseph Whitman was only 25-years old whenever he scoped out his victims from the clock of The Tower. Overall, he shot at random for over 90 minutes.

Cave Entrace

At the University of Texas, even the towers come with tragic tales.

While Whitman was eventually killed by Austin police officers Houston McCoy and Ramiro Martinez, his dark energies linger. Security guards stationed at the deck often allege his ghostly on-goings. He’s credited with flickering lights, mysterious orbs, and ominous vibes.

Today, the Tower’s observation deck is accessible to visitors, though guarded by security. Travelers may pay their respects to those lost to Whitman’s senseless and brutal violence.

The Haunted Royal Sonesta Hotel

Those sensitive to supernatural disturbances will savor their stay at this luxury establishment. One TripAdvisor reviewer found Room 408 particularly wicked...

Yes. I stayed in room 408 this past week. A few minutes after I laid down and turned the light off, the light in my room turned on and then began flashing...maybe 5 or 6 times. The light then stayed on for maybe 10 seconds. The door to the bathroom began to slowly open (I had closed it earlier) until it was wide open. The light went off a few seconds later and then stayed off the rest of the evening. Let’s just say I had trouble sleeping that night.

What’s haunting Austin’s historic hotel? Let us know if you encounter any paranormal activity!

Why Stay at the Royal Sonesta?

This elegant hotel provides state-of-the-art splendor alongside supernatural sensations. With two luxury dining establishments, patrons will savor exquisitely crafted cocktails amidst five-star cuisine.

If you’re looking for an upscale spot for your next business meeting, you’ll appreciate the hotel’s 6,000-square-feet event space. Guests will also delight in the Sonesta’s Art Deco facade and historic bar.

Those looking to stay active will find a complimentary fitness center as well as nearby jogging routes. If you’re looking for something more decadent, enjoy the hotel’s evening wine reception.

The Stephen F Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel caters to everyone’s lifestyle – including our friends on the other side.

Visiting the Stephen F Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel

Located at 701 Congress Avenue, the Royal Sonesta Hotel is a downtown staple. Patrons will find the quintessential Austin experience.

For more information about the Royal Sonesta Hotel, please visit their website.

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