Tim Nealon

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Tim Nealon | CEO and Founder of Ghost City Tours

If you've ever been to any of our ghost hunting events, you've almost certainly met Tim. Since starting Ghost City back in 2012, Tim has spent many days out and about, meeting our guests.

When not working on Ghost City, Tim is an accomplished web developer (he does all of Ghost City's websites). You can also find him with a good book, or spending time with his two beautiful daughters, or his longtime girlfriend Gretchen.

Read articles about our haunted cities, and Ghost City Tours, written by Tim Nealon.

Gettysburg, where I first became interested in Ghosts and the Paranormal

Why I founded Ghost City Tours

Somedays it seems like my entire time is spent dealing with the paranormal. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I can certainly think of worse things to have my life revolve around…

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Tim Nealon, founder of Ghost City Tours

The Ghosts that follow me

Being a paranormal investigator is one of the most exciting pursuits a person can have. Especially when you are blessed with the ability to investigate pretty much anywhere you want, whenever you want, like I am.

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A picture of a hauted house in New Orleans

Living in a Haunted House

Every once in a while, while giving one of our Savannah ghost tours we will have someone approach us after the tour. After everyone leaves they pull us aside and talk in hushed tones.

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A photograph of the streets of Savannah, which are very haunted

Walking with the Ghosts of Savannah

One night, when I was in Savannah, there was a little bit of a rain storm, luckily it didn’t last long. So, I was able to spend some time walking the streets of Historic District around midnight.

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Chattanooga, where our Ghost Tours take place

Behind the Scenes: Chattanooga

As we embark, and near finish, our journey to offer Ghost Tours in Chattanooga, I figured I would share some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into opening up our ghost tours in a new city, in this case, Chattanooga.

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