Fun at the Cemetery - Behind the Ghost Tour with our Guides
Some of the Tour Guides from Ghost City Tours, at Colonial Park Cemetery

Fun at the Cemetery

While out giving our ghost tours many of the guys get asked about what they do when they are not giving tours. Well, you know…all the normal stuff ghost tour guides do. Such as…head to the cemetery late at night for a photo session!

Last night the gang headed to haunted Colonial Park Cemetery for an impromptu photo session. Of course, you cannot go into the cemetery after dark, but you can get some great backgrounds regardless. This is the same place that Ghost City Beyond Good and Evil Tour starts from.

During the course of our fun photo session, we had a number of people stop by and talk to use. Of course, a few even worked their way into a photo or two. What can we say? The ladies love us! After our tour, the guys are always happy to stick around for a few photos. Just ask.

Well, I thought I would share a little of what goes on behind the scenes here when we are not giving Savannah Ghost Tours. Hope you enjoy!

A photo of Nicodemus a tour guide in Haunted Savannah
This is Nicodemus. He takes our guests into the dark streets of Savannah on the Beyond Good and Evil Tour at 10pm most nights.
A photo of a group of tour guides in Haunted Savannah
You can’t expect to walk past a group of ghost tour guides and not be talked into taking a photo
A photo of Nicodemus a tour guide in Haunted Savannah
Nicodemus, at the entrance to Colonial Park Cemetery. If you are going to be taking the Beyond Good and Evil Tour with him, this is where you will meet him at. He may or not be posed like this when you arrive.
A photo of the tour guide Skippy in Haunted Savannah
Skippy apparently couldn't handle all of the awesome we give off when we are all in the same area. Being the new guy, this is understandable. Our extreme awesomeness does take some getting used to.