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The Haunted Bellevue Hotel

dare to spend the night in Philadelphia's most haunted hotel?

Anyone looking to experience a little paranormal activity while visiting Philadelphia should look no further than The Bellevue Hotel. Host to more than just ghosts, The Bellevue has more than a century’s worth of history to explore.

Did You Know?

  • It was initially called the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel.
  • It’s the only hotel in the city recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Every U.S. President from Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan spent a night or two at The Bellevue.

On the corner of Broad and Walnut Street stands Philadelphia’s most historically significant hotel, The Bellevue. Towering above pedestrians and adjacent buildings, the gorgeous French Renaissance style indicates a strong link to the past.

Those interested in the more strange and unusual aspects of the past are in luck: The Bellevue has the reputation of being the most haunted hotel in all of Philly.

The Entrance to the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia

Why Stay at the Bellevue Hotel?

Staying at The Bellevue puts you within walking distance from Philadelphia staples such as the Art Institute of Philadelphia, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Rittenhouse Square, the Franklin Institute, the Academy of Natural Sciences, City Hall, Dilworth Park, and Logan Square.

Close proximity to museums, outdoor spaces, and a wide variety of food options makes The Bellevue ideal for the entire family.

The Haunted Hallways at the Bellevue Hotel
Many people have reported seeing ghosts in the Bellevue Hotel's Guestrooms

The Bellevue’s Haunted Reputation

You don’t have to go back hundreds of years - or even decades - to find guest testimonials about paranormal activity at The Bellevue. The past few years are dense with their own ghost stories.

Guests have felt the temperature drop to alarming lows in the middle of the night, or something pulling on their covers (and their toes) as they try to sleep. Who said those boogeyman stories weren’t real?

Some rooms have experienced more activity than others. We could tell you, but we’d like you to find out for yourself.

For those sensitive to energies, beware of an intense and paralyzing sensation when you walk into your room. Despite The Bellevue’s good vibes, there are some unusual energies throughout the hotel that have decided to take a very extended stay.

If you’re scared of what spectral sights you might see on your vacation, don’t worry. The ghosts here are reported to be friendly. This is the City of Brotherly Love after all!

The Bellevue’s History is Older than its Ghosts

Maybe someone in the family is more interested in The Bellevue’s history than in its hauntings. If so, they’re in for a treat.

In the 1890s, George Boldt, a Prussian immigrant, and his wife Louise, a native Philadelphian and socialite, were asked to overlook the affairs of William Astor’s hotel, The Waldorf. This is the same hotel that grew into the Waldorf-Astoria.

Boldt was so inspired by the luxury, expansiveness, and beauty of the Astor family’s work that he wanted to give Philadelphia the same thing. Boldt purchased The Stratford Hotel across Walnut Street, erected a new building that consumed the pre-existing one, and called it The Bellevue-Stratford.

The new hotel might be French Renaissance in design, but its scale and presence are certainly products of modernity. The hotel took two years and eight million dollars to build. But when it was finished it was a beauty; an architectural marvel and an aesthetic experience for the most refined tastes.

With light fixtures provided by Thomas Edison and stained glass skylights by Alfred Godwin, The Bellevue-Stratford spared no expense. Regardless of distinguishing between hotel, residence, or function hall, The Bellevue-Stratford’s ballroom was second to none.

The intention of Boldt over a hundred years ago is still the goal of The Bellevue today: to provide guests with something much more than just a bed at the end of the day. This isn’t just a hotel, it’s an experience.

So what will your experience be like?

The Haunted Hallways at the Bellevue Hotel

What to Expect When Staying at The Bellevue

The Bellevue is a 4-Star hotel with 172 rooms, a full bar/lounge area, room service, and a breakfast buffet.

Have a workout routine you don’t want to break? The hotel offers a fitness center, spa tub, and sauna.

Here for work? We’ve got you covered with a 24-hour business center. And dry cleaning service, just in case that Philly cheesesteak did a number on your shirt.

And so much more!

Visiting The Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia

The Bellevue Hotel by Hyatt, is located at 200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. For more information on the hotel or to book a (potentially) haunted room, please visit their website.

Pro tip: If you keep the sheets tucked in, the ghosts can’t get your toes.

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