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Fresh Air for Fright Night

Spend Your New Orleans Halloween Outside

Looking for an eerie Halloween outside?

One of the main loves of October is that wonderful chill in the air that starts to form. Gone are the blistering heats of the summer. It’s really the perfect time to enjoy outdoor events that normally would be too hot to do. We’ve given you some of the best outdoor activities to do during the month of October that will help your Halloween experiences come alive in New Orleans.

A Haunted Halloween Parade

Krewe of Boo

Mardi Gras isn’t the only time you can find parades in New Orleans. Krewe of Boo is the city’s annual Halloween event.

Watch dozens of spooky floats that will no doubt get you in the Halloween Spirit. Make sure to check the website for the parade route so you don’t miss all the ghoulish fun.

A Spooky Pumpkin and Scarecrow

Ranch of Horrors

If you’re looking for some Halloween fun in the North Shore, look no further than Hammond’s Ranch of Horrors in Hammond.

They've got everything you could ever want: hayrides, haunted houses, zombie escape, haunted golf, and even scary movie nights on Fridays. Make sure to check the website for ticket information and dates.

A Halloween Party Outside

Halloween Parties in New Orleans

If there is one thing that New Orleans is famous for, it’s their parties.

One of the biggest events of the city is the massive Halloween party on Frenchmen Street in the Faubourg Marigny. It's the perfect time to dress up in outlandish costumes and to have fun.

The LGBT community also holds their Halloween events and parties on the 31st. You can check their website to get more information on what they’ll be hosting and where.

Halloween Decorations in New Orleans

Halloween Decorations in the Garden District

If you’re looking for an excuse to take a leisurely drive through New Orleans, the month of Halloween is the perfect time to do it.

Many residential areas go all out in October, decorating their house with the scariest things they can find. They’re haunted houses come to life!

A Spooky Backdrop

Why New Orleans for Halloween?

Paranormal enthusiasts crowd this iconic city, desperate to encounter phantoms and specters. Locals are quick to tell you that New Orleans is dense with their dearly departed.

Flashy funerals, above-ground cemeteries… Look alive, sunshine–you’re in the City of the Dead.

With their voodoo roots and their predilection for the dead, this town’s no stranger to the spookier side.

Those less interested in the strange or the spectral shouldn’t worry, though. The city’s unparalleled beauty will have even the most severe skeptics staying an extra night.

Booking tickets for your Ghost Tour

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