Indoor Activities for Halloween | Halloween in New Orleans

All Hollows' Eve Indoors

Inside Halloween Activities in New Orleans

Looking to stay indoors this spooky season?

All the fun doesn’t have to be outside. There are a huge amount of indoor attractions and events geared to give you quite a scare. From haunted museums to haunted houses, we’ve got the perfect amount of indoor fun that will certainly have you leaving the lights on.

A Woman Reading Tarot

The Hermann-Grima House Museum

Built in 19831, this house served the Hermann and Grima families well for decades. Now, it serves the public as a window of what life was like back in the early 19th century.

You may also recognize the interiors from American Horror Story: Coven.

The museum has a lesser known history of being haunted. The spiritual remnants of both families can be felt throughout and they’re all as friendly as can be.

The scent of roses and lavender can sometimes be smelt, as if someone had just walked through the room. Other times, the fireplaces will be mysteriously lit on cold days.

Check the website for ticket and touring information.

A Spooky Theater

Le Petit Theatre

This little theatre has been entertaining people with high quality performances and shows for over a hundred years. What many people don’t know is that the theatre is home to several ghosts.

Everything from stories of a nun appearing out of thin air to slap an employee to tales of an angry former manager slamming doors have cropped up over the years.

While the theatre has no spooky show planned for October, you should still check out their season and buy a ticket for their fall show.

Who knows, you may just run into a ghost during your time there.

Spooky Medicine Jars

The Haunted Pharmacy Museum

ITake a journey through the history of 19th century medicine in the United States’ first ever licensed pharmacy. This shop has been virtually untouched in the near 200 hundred years it’s been around.

Yet, there are strange occurrences here that modern science can’t understand. Books are thrown in the middle of the night, alarms are tripped with no one inside.

There’s even an apparition of a man in a brown suit. He may have checked people in, but he’s never checked out.

You can visit the website for ticket prices and check it out for yourself.

Actors for a Haunted House

New Orleans Nightmare

Known as one of the scariest haunted houses in the United States, this screamatorium has it all: creepy mazes, escape rooms, killer clowns, and even a bar.

You can get ticket and time information on their website. Just beware, you’re in for a scare.

A Mummy in a Coffin

The Mortuary Haunted House

Not a lot of haunted houses can say that they’re actually haunted. This one can. Once a funeral home from the mid-1800s, this now spooky attraction has been scaring people for years.

You can experience a night of terror by visiting the website and getting your tickets. Be careful, you may not know what is part of the attraction and what is real.

A Spooky Backdrop

Why New Orleans for Halloween?

Paranormal enthusiasts crowd this iconic city, desperate to encounter phantoms and specters. Locals are quick to tell you that New Orleans is dense with their dearly departed.

Flashy funerals, above-ground cemeteries… Look alive, sunshine–you’re in the City of the Dead.

With their voodoo roots and their predilection for the dead, this town’s no stranger to the spookier side.

Those less interested in the strange or the spectral shouldn’t worry, though. The city’s unparalleled beauty will have even the most severe skeptics staying an extra night.

Booking tickets for your Ghost Tour

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