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Adults-Only Ghost Tours in Savannah

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Savannah, Georgia, with its moss-draped oak trees and historic charm, has long been associated with tales of the supernatural. For our guests who are seeking a more mature and spine-tingling experience, Ghost City Tours' adult-only ghost tours offer an enticing and spooky journey into Savannah's haunted past. All 3 of our Adults-Only Ghost Tours combine history, folklore, and the spookiest ghost stories and haunted locations in Savannah, making them a thrilling choice for those without children. If you're thinking about joining us for a Ghost Tour in Savannah, we will explore why adult-only ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia, are the perfect way to uncover the city's haunted secrets and create lasting memories with your friends and loved ones.

A More In-Depth and Spooky Exploration of Savannah's Ghosts

Our Adult-only ghost tours in Savannah offer Ghost City's guests the opportunity to explore Savannah's hauntings in a way that caters specifically to their interests and curiosity. Our talented Ghost Tour Guides, skilled in the art of storytelling, weave tales that both captivate and chill the imagination. These stories go beyond simple ghostly encounters, delving into the mysteries of the occult, the supernatural, and the rich folklore of the region. In addition, our Adult-Only tours explore topics that are not meant for the ears of children. These ghostly tales feature mature themes, language, and more. This more in-depth exploration of the paranormal World of Savannah allows those without children to indulge their fascination, leaving them with a heightened sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation for the unseen forces that shape Savannah's haunted reputation.

Share in the Spirits with the Spirits of Savannah

One of the most exciting aspects of our adult-only ghost tours in Savannah is the inclusion of Haunted Pub Crawls. Here at Ghost City Tours, we offer the highest rated, most popular Haunted Pub Crawl in all of Savannah. Being a Pub Crawl, these tours are obviously for adults only - no kids allowed.

Picture yourself strolling through the city's historic streets, guided by an expert storyteller, as you visit renowned haunted pubs and taverns. These establishments, with their own ghostly tales and atmospheric charm, provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening. Savor your favorite libations while listening to chilling stories and legends that surround these spirited locations. Haunted pub crawls offer a unique blend of history, spirits, and social interaction, creating an engaging experience that adults can savor and share with fellow enthusiasts.

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Savannah's Spookiest Adults-Only Ghost Tour

Experience the spine-tingling thrill of the Dead of Night Ghost Tour, widely regarded as the spookiest Ghost Tour in the city of Savannah.

As darkness falls over the city, embark on a journey that will transport you into the heart of Savannah's haunted history. This adult-only tour is designed to ignite your imagination, send chills down your spine, and leave you with lasting memories of the supernatural.

Led by Savannah's very best Tour Guides, the Dead of Night Ghost Tour takes you on a captivating exploration of Savannah's most haunted locations. From shadowy squares to historic landmarks, you'll uncover the chilling secrets that lurk behind the city's picturesque facade. As you walk through the moonlit streets, listen closely to the eerie tales of ghostly encounters, tragic events, and unsolved mysteries that have shaped Savannah's reputation as one of the most haunted cities in America.

Our Dead of Night Ghost Tour promises an evening of intrigue, discovery, and a genuine connection to Savannah's haunted past. Whether you're a paranormal enthusiast, history lover, or simply seeking a unique and exhilarating experience, this tour is sure to captivate your imagination and leave you with tales to share long after the night comes to an end.

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Nicodemus, one of the Best Tour Guides at Ghost City Tours

Explore the Strange and Macabre Side of Savannah

If you're looking for a few laughs with your ghost tour, the Beyond Good & Evil Ghost Tour is the one that you're probably going to want and book. For years, this Adults-Only Ghost Tour has been the most popular tour in all of Savannah, delighting hundreds of thousands of guests with gripping tales from Savannah's macabre past.

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Nicodemus, one of the Best Tour Guides at Ghost City Tours

Frequently Asked Questions about our Adult Only Ghost Tours

Are these walking tours?

ALL of our Ghost Tours are Walking Tours. You do have other options, such as Hearse Ghost Tours and Trolley Ghost Tours. To FEEL the energy which our ghosts give off, you have to be in the actual places where the haunting takes place. Imagine walking through a haunted alley with all of the lights out, or standing on what was once a battlefield. Are you already feeling the tingles up your spine?

  • Walking Tours allow you to immerse yourself in the stories we tell.
  • Walking is good for you, and it is a great way to walk off that amazing dinner you just had!
  • You're not crammed into a vehicle, almost certainly squished in next to someone you'd rather not be squished up against.

How Old do you need to be?

Our Adult-Only Ghost Tours are for ages 16 and up only. The only exception is the Haunted Pub Crawl which requires you to be at least 21 years of age. While we sometimes make exceptions for people under 16 on the Dead of Night Tour and the Beyond Good and Evil Tour, there are no exceptions to this rule for the Haunted Pub Crawl. Valid ID is required for the Haunted Pub Crawl.

What are the main differences between All-Ages and Adult-Only Ghost Tours?

The main differences are two. First, there are no young children on the Adults-Only Ghost Tours. And while we love kids as much as anyone else, we understand that there are times when you may not want to deal with or be bothered by someone else's child who might be misbehaving. Second, our Adult Only Tours have mature themes and mature language. So, don't be surprised if you hear about Sex Workers or hear a few f-bombs while on an Adults-Only Ghost Tour.

Can I buy tickets for your Ghost Tours through Groupon?

Ghost City has never sold Groupon vouchers - and we never will. There are companies that offer their tickets for sale on Groupon. And if you're not worried about the quality of the tour you're getting - you can certainly spend some time on Groupon or Living Social and find tickets.

We know that our experiences are of the highest quality, with thousands of 5-star reviews from tourists and locals who have enjoyed them. Also, we often sell out - especially on the weekends and on Holidays. There is simply no reason why we'd sell our tours on Groupon.

Why do your Adult-Only Tours cost more?

Our Adult Only Tours are very popular, therefore increaing demand. In addition, only our most experienced guides perform our adult only tours - and they make more money. Lastly, the cities we operate our Ghost Tours in charge us, and that amount varies on many factors. All of this is why our Adult Only Ghost Tours are a few dollars more than the all-ages ones.

Once I purchase tickets, can I get a refund?

Ghost City Tours offers a free cancellation as long as you cancel 48 hours or more prior to your tour. All of your money would be refunded.

We also offer Flexibile rescheduling. If you don't want to lose your tickets to someone else, but can't make the time you booked for, we can reschedule you to any day or time of your choosing.