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Gettysburg's MOST HAUNTED Locations

Meet Gettysburg's Ghosts and Haunted Locations

Gettysburg's Most Haunted Locations

Gettysburg may be just a small town, but when it comes to hauntings and ghosts, there are not many bigger cities which can compare. Thanks to the Battle of Gettysburg, the town is known for its rich history, but also for its many ghost stories. It seems as if everyone in Gettysburg has a Ghost Story to share.

The Battle has a lot to do with the number of ghosts in town. Afetr all, the battle left both sides with over 52,000 casualties in only 3 days. It is said that the ghosts of these soldiers still haunt the town, making it one of the most haunted places in America. But it isn't just the Battle that makes Gettysburg haunted - even without it, Gettysburg would still be a haunted town.

We've put together a list of some of the most haunted locations in Gettysburg. Scroll down to check them out.

The town of Gettysburg, widely considered to be the most haunted small town in America.

1. The Haunted Streets of Gettysburg

For good reason, many people think that it is only the Battlefield that is haunted. This couldn't be further from the truth.

FIghting took place all throughout the town of Gettysburg, not just the battlefield. Maybe this is why people have seen ghosts and other apparitions walking the streets and alleys of Gettysburg.

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The Jennie Wade House, where the ghost of Jennie Wade is said to be seen.

2. The Ghost of Jennie Wade

The only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg, Jennie Wade was made famous because of a bullet shot from the rifle of a (probable) Confederate soldier.

Today, many people have claimed to see the ghost of Jennie Wade. Whether in the Jennie Wade House Museum, or other locations around town, is it the ghost of Jennie Wade that they're seeing?

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Little Round Top, one of the most haunted places that you can visit in Gettysburg.

3. The Ghosts of Little Round Top

Little Round Top is always one of the most visited locations on the Battlefield. The fighting on this hill played an important role in helping to secure a Union victory at Gettysburg.

Many soldiers gave their lives to defend, or try to take this hill. Could this be why so many people have reported seeing the ghosts of Soldiers on Little Round Top?

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The Galveston Railroad Museum, a popular tourist attraction which is also popular with ghosts.

4. The Ghosts of the Cashtown Inn

Located a short drive, West of Gettysburg, you'll find the Cashtown Inn. This House played a part for the Confederate Army before and after the battle. Many famous Confederate Generals were said to have used this house as a base of sorts.

Featured on many Ghost Hunting TV Shows, the Cashtown Inn has gained a reputation of being very haunted. Our own CEO has stayed in the Cashtown Inn and has experienced the ghosts himself.

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