The Ghosts of Bobby Mackey's

Is Bobby Mackey's haunted by demonic forces?

Once we went public with the news that Ghost City Tours will be holding these events there has been a lot of chatter on our Facebook page about Bobby Mackey’s. We couldn’t ask for anything better! Well, maybe if every ticket sold instantly, yeah, that would rock.

One topic that seems to come up over and over again in conversation has to deal with the ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s being evil in nature and possibly demonic. A lot of this comes from the fact that Ghost Adventures went there twice and documented a lot of negative and perhaps demonic activity. I wanted to give my thoughts on this topic and let you know that what the general public’s perception of a place is, isn’t always correct.

Yes, Bobby Mackey's is Haunted

I believe, without a shadow(person) of a doubt that Bobby Mackey’s is haunted. Maybe even very haunted. I can’t dispute that. With the volumes of people who have had a ghostly encounter while at Bobby Mackey’s I wouldn’t even try very hard to disprove the place as being haunted.

Bobby Mackey’s started its rise to ghostly-fame back in the early 2000’s. Things really took off when the location was the first ‘lock-down’ that the Ghost Adventures show went to, or at least the first location that aired as part of their hit TV show. When the public had their glance at the level of activity in Bobby Mackey’s, much of it negative, everyone ate it up. And for good reason! It isn’t everyday that you come across a haunted location of the caliber that Bobby Mackey’s is.

Since then the Ghost Adventures Crew and the guys and gals from Ghost Hunters have spent time at Bobby Mackey’s. All of them documented paranormal activity. In addition to the people on TV many people that I have spoke to via Facebook or other avenues have told me about the level of activity in Bobby Mackey’s. It was these conversations that led me to securing Bobby Mackey’s for our overnight ghost hunts.

I have no doubt that Bobby Mackey’s is haunted as hell. As a matter of fact I feel a slight tingle below the belt when I think of the fact we get to spend three nights there. However, I don’t feel the reputation that Bobby Mackey’s has, as an ‘evil’ location is totally warranted. Let me tell you why.

But Not Everything is Evil

Like I stated above, I have no doubt that Bobby Mackey’s has more than a few ghostly residents. Our overnight ghost hunts are going to be incredible. However, many people seem to think that spending the night in Bobby Mackey’s, looking for ghosts, is a one way ticket to being attacked by negative entities and instant possession by demonic forces. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

First off, yes, these events HAVE happened at Bobby Mackey’s before. Think what you want about the guys on Ghost Adventures, but I have a lot of respect for them and believe their experiences to be legit. But that doesn’t mean it happens to everyone! As a matter of fact, it happens very very rarely. For all of the hundreds of thousands of people to spend time in Bobby Mackey’s, hunting ghosts or otherwise, the number of people who have experienced demonic activity or evil activity is very low.

Another thing to consider. Demonic possessions and attacks by unseen forces are not some exclusive challenge to ghost hunting at Bobby Mackey’s. Every time you head out on a ghost hunt or paranormal investigation you can run into a spirit or ghost that wants to cause you more than a few problems. This is one of the dangers that come along with being a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator. It could happen at Bobby Mackey’s or it could happen at Grandma’s house. You just never know.

Last, but not least, the people who have encountered the demonic or evil activity at Bobby Mackey’s have more times than not encouraged it. Call it provoking or whatever you like. The bottom line is that if you go into a place that is known for negative or aggressive ghosts and provoke, well the chances of something bad happening to you goes up dramatically! I have found time and time again, that even in the most malevolent places, a peaceful and respectful attitude is always returned.

Now, is there a chance that something bad could happen to me or you or anyone else at Bobby Mackey’s? Of course. This risk exists at EVERY location we hold our overnight ghost hunts at. But the likelihood of it happening is very slim. It is important to consider all of these points when you consider buying tickets for the overnight ghost hunts ay Bobby Mackey’s.

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