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What are the MOST HAUNTED Places in Denver?

We encourage you to read through our list of the most haunted places in Denver. However, nothing will replace a great ghost tour. While we hope you enjoy our pages about the most haunted places in Denver, we also hope you'll join us for a Ghost Tour in Denver.

The Molly Brown House Museum

The Molly Brown House Museum

The Molly Brown House Museum is perhaps one of the most fascinating and unique homes in the United States. Created by the silver boom of Colorado in the 1880s only to become a leasing home by a survivor of one of the most devastating maritime disasters in modern history, this enchanting manor has seen countless people come and go.

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The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

It's no wonder that this menacing monument to early 20th century Americana has long been attracting its fair share of both ghost hunters and casual lovers of the paranormal. The question remains: how much of the Stanley Hotel’s reputation is fact, and how much if it is fiction?

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Cheesman Park

The Patterson Inn

There was once a time when Denver’s Capitol Hill was known as Millionaire's Row. Yet behind the glitz and the glamor lies dark forces that are beyond normal understanding, residual energy that makes the neighborhood and the Patterson Inn a stomping ground for ghosts, specters, and the paranormal.

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The Denver Children's Home

The Denver Children’s Home has seen its fair share of young residents over its 120-year past, and in that time there has been no shortage of tales, rumors, and folklore designed to keep a fellow classmate up at night with a watchful eye on the shadows.

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Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace Hotel

The Silver Boom in the 1880s brought people from all walks of life out west to seek their fortunes in Colorado. Folks came and went through the town of Denver to get to the Rockies, exploding the then-little town into a booming hub. The Oxford Hotel was already in place in 1891, but it would only be a year later when the larger and grander Brown Palace Hotel opened its doors. It seems that some who have checked in never checked out.

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Byers-Evans House

The Byers-Evans House

Try as they might to keep the strange and unusual safely locked away behind closed doors, rumors about the house and the paranormal activity within has been circulating the Capitol Hill neighborhood for many years. From phantom sounds, playful poltergeists, full-body apparitions, and even a portal to the spirit realm beyond, there is no shortage of activity in this museum.

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