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What you need to know about touring in Haunted Savannah

Savannah Q&A

Should I Take a Trolley or Walking Ghost Tour?

This might not be the age old question, but it’s an important one to ask when planning out your next trip to Savannah. Here at Ghost City we firmly believe that walking tours are the best way to experience the ghostly side of Savannah. In our time as a tour company, we have examined and explored the many ways of touring, to ensure our customers we are giving them a true adventure. And, lets face it you are not going to have much of an adventure stuck in a moving box.

What are the Differences between Trolley, Hearse and Walking Tours?

Whether it’s a Trolley or a Hearse, know both are a gimmick, in which the novelty wears thin rather quickly. To get a real feel for the paranormal history of Savannah, one needs to be able to feel the atmosphere and use their senses.

Walking tours are more than just a lecture or tutorial about Savannah’s ghost stories, our guides at Ghost City take you on a journey that really allows you to comprehend the supernatural side of the city. Bottom line, we believe on a trolley (or hearse) tour, one is only able to hear the words that are spoken, but on a walking tour you are able to actually listen to the stories that are being told.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

I know.  Don’t wear my new and sparkly ten-inch stilettos, you say?  Yes, I’m saying exactly that. For the most part, ghost tours all over the country (and those we offer ourselves at Ghost City Tours) take place on foot.  

While the amount of walking is generally never extensive, and never exceeds more than 1 mile in length, there is stopping and standing as you listen to the guide tell a haunting story before moving on to the next location.  Walking tours should always be a meander and never a sprint, but that doesn’t mean you want to murder your feet by wearing uncomfortable shoes.  My suggestion: leave the murders to the chilling stories that your tour guide tells you instead.

Bring an Umbrella

There is nothing worse than being caught unaware as the skies open up above your head and drench you within seconds.  On one hand, the tumultuous weather adds to the creepy atmosphere of your ghost tour.  On the other hand, you’re now standing in sopping wet clothes and wondering how much longer you’ll have to stay that way.

Across the country, tours operate rain or shine and our tours at Ghost City Tours are no exception.  As opposed to wishing you had brought an umbrella if it starts raining, why not bring one and be prepared just in case it does?

Charge your Technology

Whether you’re using a digital camera or your cell phone, nothing is worse than getting halfway through your tour before realizing you are almost at E.  If you’re attending a ghost tour because you want to catch paranormal activity, the way to do so is to take pictures all throughout your tour.  A good guide will not mind if you’re taking pictures while they spin a haunting tale around you–in fact, they should encourage picture-taking.

Be Diligent

“Be diligent” sounds so strict and authoritarian, but it’s true. If you’re coming on a tour hoping to catch something, your digital device will be your best friend.

Don’t be deterred if one of your fellow tour-goers gets a shot of an orb and you don’t.  Catching actual apparitions in an any form is very rare, but trust that your tour guide will be bringing you to some of the most haunted locations in the city so that your chances increase.

Understand that a Ghost Tour is not a Haunted Attraction.

Ghost tours are not haunted houses.  (Depending on the particular tour) there will not be people leaping out to chase you with chainsaws.  If there are: Run.  Run far, because it is very likely that those people with chainsaws have no affiliation with the tour at all, and you should be very, very nervous.

But in all honesty, it is very unlikely that in attending a ghost tour you will actually “see” a real ghost.  TV shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters have trained many of us to believe that apparitions pop up on demand, which cannot be further from the truth. Although there are specific locations all over the country in which the paranormal activity is much more exacerbated, this is not generally the case.