Indoor Activities for Halloween | Halloween in Charleston

All Hollows' Eve Indoors

Spend Your Charleston Halloween Inside

Looking to stay indoors this spooky season?

All the fun doesn’t have to be outside. There are a huge amount of indoor attractions and events geared to give you quite a scare. From haunted museums to haunted houses, we’ve got the perfect amount of indoor fun that will certainly have you leaving the lights on.

Some Spooky Fish

Southern Spirits at South Carolina Aquarium

There’s nothing like getting in the Halloween spirit with spirits! The South Carolina Aquarium’s annual event has everything you need to celebrate October: food, alcohol tasting, and costumes.

Make sure to check the website for more information.

Scary Skull

The Powder Magazine

Standing as one of Charleston’s oldest buildings, this armory-turned-museum is the perfect gateway to one of the most harrowing events in this nation’s history: the American Revolution.

The war has long ended, but the building remains. So do some of the spirits that reside inside.

People report seeing transparent colonial soldiers guarding the armory. Some even believe that famed pirate Ann Bonny haunts the building, too.

It seems history never truly dies.

A Costumed Woman Playing Piano

Beethoven and Witches

Looking for something classical with your scares? Join the Charleston Symphony Orchestra as they present three pieces of Halloween delight.

Their ghostly program includes Ludwig van Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto, Gioachino Rossini’s The Silken Staircase, and Felix Mendelssohn’s The First Walpurgis Night.

Felix’s piece is filled to the brim with witches, ghosts, and devils - perfect for Halloween. Visit the website for more ticket information.

A Spooky Couple

Blithe Spirit

Join Charleston Stage for a hauntingly good time. They’ll feature their comedy show Blithe Spirit, where Charles’ first wife is back from the dead to haunt her former husband and his new bride!

You’re in for a laugh (and a scare!) since it’s believed the theatre itself is haunted. That empty seat you are sitting by may not be empty after all...

Check the website for time and ticket information.

Halloween Skeletons

The Haunted Charleston Exchange and Dungeon

Once a prison during the Revolution, this dungeon-turned-museum is the perfect place to learn about the hardships of war.

In the upper floors, visitors have seen apparitions of men in period clothes disappear in front of their eyes. Down below in the basement - where men were locked in chains and tortured - visitors have been pushed and choked by evil spirits.

If you’re looking for a real-life haunted experience, this is the place to be.

A Spooky Backdrop

Why Charleston for Halloween?

Charleston is known as the “Holy City,” and it’s true. It has more churches per square capita than any other American city.

Nevertheless, there's the city’s not-so-holy past. Hidden behind the layers of civility, carriage tours and genteel southern manners, is a city rife with violence, scandal and death.

Booking tickets for your Ghost Tour

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