Haunted Restaurants for Halloween | Halloween in Charleston

Dine with the Dead this Halloween

Haunted Restaurants of Charleston

If you're looking for spirits, you'll find more than liquor at these haunted bars and restaurants.

Charleston provides the perfect blend of southern hospitality and good ole fashioned southern cooking. Just be warned, that table of four you’re sitting at just might be a table of five... even if you can’t see the fifth member.

A Pumpkin with Drinks

Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub

Offering the taste of Ireland in the southlands, this candy-factory-turned-pub is perfect for the family to eat, drink, and maybe even sing along to some Irish songs.

Watch out, though. Some patrons have said that certain parts of the pub have made them uneasy as if something or someone is watching them.

A Dog in a Ghost Costume

Poogan’s Porch

Opening in 1976, this quaint southern restaurant has fed families for years – including a neighboring stray dog that visited every day. His name was Poogan.

Now, the spirit of the dog can be seen running around the porch of the eatery.

Well, his porch, we should say.

When dining on a home cooked meal, make sure to leave a scrap or two for the pup.

Blind Tiger Pub

Blind Tiger Pub

Once a speakeasy, this nearly 130-year-old bar and restaurant in a 200-year-old building is the perfect place to enjoy the heart of the Holy City.

With its long life span, it’s housed many ghosts – one being quite the angry woman who likes to violently yank people’s hair.

Make sure to have your hair tied up when you enter.

A Spooky Drink

82 Queen

Since 1982, this has been the best place to get genuine Charleston cuisine in the city. Many of the dishes are inspired by African, French, Caribbean and Anglo-Saxon cultures.

People have reported seeing apparition as the establishment for years. A former employee even says she walked through an apparition when it then turned to smoke.

When making your reservations, try not to bump into anyone - living or otherwise.

A Spooky Backdrop

Why Charleston for Halloween?

Charleston is known as the “Holy City,” and it’s true. It has more churches per square capita than any other American city.

Nevertheless, there's the city’s not-so-holy past. Hidden behind the layers of civility, carriage tours and genteel southern manners, is a city rife with violence, scandal and death.

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