Haunted Hotels for Halloween | Halloween in Charleston

Spend Halloween in a Haunted Hotel

Curl Up to the Ghosts of Charleston

It’s one thing to go to a haunted attraction to get into the Halloween spirit. It’s another thing to experience the supernatural yourself.

The best way to do that is at a haunted hotel. That’s why we’ve come up with the best and most haunted hotels and bed&breakfasts in Charleston to give you that extra Halloween flare. After all, there's nothing is spookier than sharing a bed with a ghost.

Young Girl Having Nightmares

Meeting Street Inn

Once a liquor store and home for German immigrants, this quaint little hotel is filled with southern hospitality. Just be wary of rooms 303 and 107.

One holds the spirit of the German former owner who would much rather lock you out than share a bed. The other houses the spirit of a lady who isn’t afraid to stand at the foot of the bed at night.

Whichever room you stay in, just keep an eye open and a key on hand.

A Man Missing a Head

The Old Citadel

Once a state armory and the original location of the Citadel Military College, this hotel is teaming with Charleston history.

The top floor seems to have the most ghostly activities, housing apparition of former soldiers and officers.

A noteworthy apparition is one of a soldier with half his head missing.

If you’re bringing the kids along, just make sure to book the lower floors.

The Haunted Battery Carriage Inn

Battery Carriage Inn

This nearly 200 hundred year old building, which has survived civil wars and hurricanes, is now one of the nicest and most haunted hotels in Charleston.

Room 8 holds a frightening, headless torso apparition that will turn your night into a nightmare.

Room 10 has a gentleman ghost who has no trouble sharing the room.

He’ll even share the bed, just make sure to make some room when you stay.

A Skull with a Book

The Mills House

This 150 year old hotel played a pivotal role in the Civil War, becoming a base of operations for Robert E. Lee and the confederate army.

Because of this, it managed to survive the war when Charleston was left in near ruins.

It comes at no surprise that people have reported seeing the former Confederate general roaming about.

When booking your stay, best not to mention how the war ended.

A Spooky Ghost Girl

John Rutledge House Inn

This 1880s home-turned-hotel saw tragedy when the 12 year old daughter of the original owner died during a fire in the home.

Now, the spirit of the young girl can be felt throughout the hotel, running through the hallways or pulling pillows out from under patrons' heads.

If you’re looking to make a new friend from beyond the grave, this is the perfect place to be in October.

A Spooky Backdrop

Why Charleston for Halloween?

Charleston is known as the “Holy City,” and it’s true. It has more churches per square capita than any other American city.

Nevertheless, there's the city’s not-so-holy past. Hidden behind the layers of civility, carriage tours and genteel southern manners, is a city rife with violence, scandal and death.

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