All Hollows' Eve Indoors | Halloween in St. Augustine

All Hollows' Eve Indoors

Spend Your St. Augustine Halloween Inside

If the hustle and bustle of St. George Street isn’t your scene, and you’d rather find a dark and quiet corner when it comes time to commune with the spirits, then St. Augustine has you covered, offering plenty of creepy indoor activities to make your night just right

With some of the oldest structures in the country, there is no shortage of spooky spots where you can step off the main drag, get in the mood for the macabre, and let the history and mystery of this centuries old city take you on a tour you won’t soon forget.

An Old Jail

Old Jail

St. Augustine’s Old Jail, originally built in 1891 and operated until 1953, has been a popular attraction in the “Ancient City” since it was restored and turned into a museum in the early 1990’s.

Now it offers both a stop for those curious about the atrocities of the Florida justice system in the early 20th century, as well as people interested in the one other thing it is famous for—hauntings.

Afterall, what would an old jail be without its share of old prisoners, especially those who have long passed on. Today those poor souls are still making themselves known, and employees of the Old Jail regularly report the sounds of chained men stomping through the halls, the putrid smell of human suffering wafting from the cells, and even the maniacal laughter of those who lost their minds long before they lost their lives.

It’s a lot to take in, even in daylight hours, but what makes this museum of malfeasance an even better fit this Halloween season is that it’s also open at night, allowing you to choose how up close and personal you’d like to get with the Old Jail’s lingering spirits.

A Medieval Torture Device

Medieval Torture Museum

Tucked away in St. Augustine’s famous historic district, this exhibit of the ghastly and grotesque is the perfect way to prime the pump this Halloween season. This private collection of torture, execution, and restraint devices can be unnerving at best and downright disgusting at its worst, perfect for those seeking the dark and the gruesome during their visit to the “Ancient City.”

JWhile the museum itself may not have a reputation for being haunted, you’d never know it from the crowd of pale faces that come crawling from their exit day in and day out, or the quickness in which this medievil museum of maliciousness has become a revered spot for locals and tourists alike.

Whatever your plans are for All Hallow's Eve, make sure to hit St. George Street first and visit this collection of relics that showcases the worst of humanity. You never know, you might even be the first to discover that there is a lot more than wax statues tucked away in there. Maybe a whole lot more.

Halloween Party for Adults

All Hallows’ Eve Charity Bash

For the first time, St. Augustine will play host to Krewe of the 13’s All Hallows’ Eve Charity Bash, a pretifying party where all proceeds will be going to support families that are in dire need.

The event will be 21+, so it’s not for the kiddos, but if you and your adult friends are looking to make a difference in the community while still enjoying a night of frightful festivities, then grab your tickets and make your way down to the beautiful and historic Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.

This Halloween’s Eve will be overflowing with eerie entertainment including a silent auction, raffles, free appetizers, a costume contest with a $500 grand prize, and a live musical performed by the electrifying Soul Fire.

So, put on your best costume, grab your best friends, and be ready to dance the night away knowing that you are making a difference for a family in need. Afterall, why just party when you can party with a purpose? Tickets will be limited so get yours while the getting is good.

Ghost at Castle

Ripley’s Haunted Castle Investigation

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has long been a household name when it comes to the strange and unusual, and their St. Augustine location is no different, boasting an expansive collection of oddities that distort the lines between fact and fiction.

What makes this particular Ripley’s stand out above the rest, though, is that the building in which it is housed, known affectionately as Ripley’s Castle Warden, is also among one of the most haunted places on the Southeastern Seaboard.

This combination of horror and haunts makes this attraction well worth the trip any time of the year, but it's during the Halloween season when the ghosts really come out to play—and you can be there to see it.

Known as Ripley’s Haunted Castle Investigation, this guided tour offers first-hand training and hands-on experience in paranormal research, sending its guests on a 60-minute investigation with Team R.I.P, their in-house ghost hunters.

Using state-of-the-art equipment like infrared thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, and EVP recorders, you get to be part of the action, learning all there is to know about the paranormal, as well as the ghosts who haunt this popular attraction.

Ghost Hunters

Ximenez-Fatio House Museum

Built in 1798 by Don Andres Ximenez for his bride, Juana Pellicer Ximenez, whose father famously led the Menorcan exodus of 1777 out of New Smyrna, this three-story home has had a long and proud history in St. Augustine.

Now a museum showcasing what life was like in the 1800’s, each room is meticulously decorated to tell a story and bring the past to life in a compelling and tangible way. But there is more than just antiques and decorations diggin up the past at the Ximenez-Fatio House, doors also open on their own, faces appear in mirrors, and the ghost of a young boy is seen watching from a balcony.

The amount of paranormal activity has long overshadowed the history of the building, and you can be a part of it with A Night Among Ghosts, a otherworldly experience that immerses you in a real-life ghost hunt, complete with all the equipment you need to have the night of your life—or afterlife.

There is no better way to spend Halloween than getting up close and personal with the spirit world, but if ghost hunting isn’t your style, they’ll also be hosting a free event on Halloween day with candy for trick-or treaters and other exciting events to celebrate the holiday.

Take a walk on the wildside and see what’s been haunting 20 Aviles St. for the past two centuries.

A Spooky Backdrop

Why St. Augustine for Halloween?

Whether you are looking to be teased and titillated, or truly terrified, St. Augustine offers a smorgasbord of Halloween themed events, fall festivals, and good ol’ fashion haunted hideouts – all tucked away within one of the most picture-perfect cities in America.

Around each corner and tucked away within every alley lies something new to discover, and with St. Augustine’s pedestrian-friendly historic district, there are limitless mysteries to uncover and days worth of adventures to embark on.

All you need is a keen eye, an open mind, and a brave spirit, and you too can lose yourself in the gruesome and ghostly lore that has long made the “Ancient City” the only one of its kind for hundreds of years.

Take heed, though, so that the past doesn’t repeat itself.

Booking tickets for your Ghost Tour

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