Haunted Hotels for Halloween | Halloween in St. Augustine

Spend Halloween in a Haunted Hotel

Cuddle Up Against the Ghosts of St. Augustine

What better way to fill your long nights with Halloween frights than an overnight stay at some of St. Augustine’s most haunted hotels. Each one of these horrific houses of hospitality offers something unique to the guest experience, but all of them have one thing in common—patrons who have long overstayed their welcome.

Whether you are coming from out of town, or are just looking for a little spooky staycation, St. Augustine has the perfect place for you to hang your hat after a long day of ghost hunting, trick-or-treating, pumpkin patching, or anything in between. Whatever your plans, we guarantee that one of these spots will be the icing on the creepy cake.

A Spooky Lantern in a Window

Casablanca Inn

One of the most historic inns in all of St. Augustine, the Casablanca is known for three things: it’s beautiful waterfront view, its cozy Tini Martini Bar, and, of course, its paranormal activity.

The most notorious of which involves the apparition of a woman often seen walking the halls or turning up in a bathroom mirror, leaving the scent of oranges in every room she's been in. It is said that she is one of the original owners, back when the inn was also a stop for bootleggers coming in on the Matanza River.

In fact, the lantern she used to hang in the second story window to communicate with her co-conspirators can still be seen on occasion, especially in the backgrounds of photos. If you look closely in your suite, you even find one of the secret rooms in which she stored her product because, believe it or not, some of them are still there to this day.

It just goes to show that a stay at the haunted Casablanca Inn wil have you with your best foot forward this Halloween. You never know, you might not even need to leave your room to celebrate.

A Spooky House

St. Francis Inn

As one of the oldest buildings still standing in the “Ancient City,” built not long after the British burned St. Augustine to the ground in the early 18th century, it is no wonder that the St. Francis Inn has also built itself a reputation for being one of the most haunted establishments on the eastern seaboard.

Unlike many others, the history of the St. Francis is well known, as is the identity of its restless spirit. In fact, ask anyone in the city about Lily, and they will probably tell you a story, one about a slave woman from Barbados who was brutally murdered for doing nothing more than falling in love with the owner's nephew—and getting caught in the act.

So distraught was her lover that he chose to take his own life rather than carry on without her, hanging himself in what is now known locally as “Lily’s Room.” Today, these poor souls are still seen searching for each other in the halls, their full body apparition coupled with a plethora of other unusual activities.

It just goes to show that there is little doubt that the St. Francis Inn is a popular place for lovers of the paranormal, especially on Halloween. So, make a reservation as early as you can, especially if Lily’s Room is what you’re hoping for.

A Spooky Cemetery on Halloween

Saint George Inn

Saint George Inn has come to be known as one of the premier places to stay when visiting St. Augustine. Sitting in the heart of the historic district, surrounded by some of the most haunted buildings in the “Ancient City,” this beautiful spot has had its own share of ghostly history.

In fact, the courtyard of the inn itself is said to be built on one of the oldest burial grounds in the city, with the gates of Huguenot Cemetery, its still-standing successor, located only a few feet away across the street.

Many believe it is this cemetery that is the cause of the paranormal activity in the building, the most common of which seems to stem from Elizabeth, a young girl who died during St. Augustine’s typhoid epidemic in the 1800’s and is buried across the street. She is sometimes found in the courtyard, but is most often found standing at the cemetery gate, beckoning for people to follow her inside.

We know this because those gates can be seen from several rooms of the Saint George Inn, so if you are looking for a place to stay that will make your Halloween a memorable one, you might want to consider the Saint George Inn, where the past and present have come together.

A Scary Pumpkin

Bayfront Marin House Inn

This charming, riverside B&B has been leaving their guests more than satisfied for many years, offering comfortable rooms, gorgeous views, and a close proximity to some of St. Augustine's favorite hotspots.

But every once in a while there are complaints. Sometimes it's an odd noise from a nearby, empty room, or strange music playing over the phone lines, or even the feeling of unease late at night after their guests have started to settle in. Either way it happens, it soon becomes clear that there is a lot more going on at this cozy B&B than meets the eye.

In fact, many believe the house is home to a trickster ghost, the spirit of its original owner, Francisco Marin, who is unable to leave behind the house he loved so much. Staying at the Bayfront Marin House this Halloween, you might even experience some of it for yourself… if you're lucky.

But if not,’t is still one of the most comfortable places to lay your head in the “Ancient City”, as well as a common spot to celebrate the festivities. So bring your costume and book your room because this Halloween, the ghosts will be waiting at the Bayfront.

A Scary Man in the Door

Casa de Sueños

Nestled in the historic Spanish Quarter, just a few hundred yards from Flagler College, sits Casa de Sueños, one of St. Augustine’s most gorgeous B&Bs. While the Spanish design and elegant interior is what leaves a lasting impression on most of the inn’s guests, others will remember this cozy corner for an entirely different reason—Randolph.

This resident spirit, known for walking through the halls late at night, or taking personal belongings only to return them to the same location shortly after, has long left his mark on an already haunted city. His antics may be seen as more playful than harmful, but this inn’s notorious haunt has still managed to turn the heads of both locals and visitors alike.

Some believe Randolph is the product of the building once being a funeral home, but no one is certain. What they do know, though, is that Randolph is here to stay. So, if you find yourself sharing a cozy room with this creepy cadaver this Halloween, maybe discovering that your costume has suddenly disappeared, have no fear, because Randolph always returns what he takes.

A Spooky Backdrop

Why St. Augustine for Halloween?

Whether you are looking to be teased and titillated, or truly terrified, St. Augustine offers a smorgasbord of Halloween themed events, fall festivals, and good ol’ fashion haunted hideouts – all tucked away within one of the most picture-perfect cities in America.

Around each corner and tucked away within every alley lies something new to discover, and with St. Augustine’s pedestrian-friendly historic district, there are limitless mysteries to uncover and days worth of adventures to embark on.

All you need is a keen eye, an open mind, and a brave spirit, and you too can lose yourself in the gruesome and ghostly lore that has long made the “Ancient City” the only one of its kind for hundreds of years.

Take heed, though, so that the past doesn’t repeat itself.

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