Unmarked Graves in Savannah

a photo of The haunted skyline of Savannah Georgia where ghost city holds ghost tours.
The Haunting Skyline of Savannah

Unmarked Graves and Burial Grounds

The skyline of Savannah is not quite what many people expect. They come to Savannah thinking that Savannah is much larger than it is, with skyscrapers and stadiums everywhere. While they skyline may not be what everyone expects, what lies beneath certainly is. After all, this is the most haunted skyline in America. Why do you think Ghost Tours in Savannah are soo popular? We have visitors from all over the globe who come to Savannah for a chance encounter with one of our paranormal residents. Sometimes it seems that the ghosts out number the people in this historic port city.

The question that gets asked frequently on our ghost tours is 'Why is Savannah so haunted?' That is a question that seems easy to answer (lots of dead people), but when you get down to it, the explanations outnumber the truths. So, let's cut away a bit of the b.s. and try to explain why, in my opinion, Savannah is soo haunted.

Laying the groundwork for a Haunted City

Way back in 1733, when General Oglethorpe landed in what became Savannah, the area already was considered haunted. That is a good start, right? The Yamacraw/Creek Indians who lived in this area used the bluff that later became Savannah as a burial ground for their dead. While the exact location of these Indian burial grounds isn't exactly known (as far as I know), the fact that Savannah was started on or near sacred burial ground started a trend that continues to the present day.

Bodies under your feet

A photo of 432 Abercon in Savannah Georgia a ghost city tours haunted stop.
432 Abercorn Street in Savannah.

If you've walked around the historic district of Savannah, on a ghost tour, shopping, anything..there is a pretty good chance that you have walked over unmarked graves. When Savannah was a much smaller city you would simply bury your family members in your backyard, or in burial plots outside the city limits. Well, as Savannah grew most of these graveyards were simply paved over, built upon and forgotten about. On our ghost tours, we will show you some of these forgotten graves. According to many paranormal researchers, desecration of a burial spot could lead to a haunting or a ghost. I personally do not know if I buy into this because it would imply that the person had a choice to remain behind. Even further, what if that grave was desecrated 100 years after they died? Are you saying they made a conscious decision to come back as a ghost in Savannah, put on a white dress and walk around? Hmmm....I mean, it sounds cool and all...'Oh, you messed up my grave, now I am coming back to...make the sounds of footsteps in your hallway'...but it just doesn't seem very practical.

Now, the cases I do believe merit hauntings and ghosts are the cases where individuals were buried alive. This happened many times in Savannah's past. Savannah suffered many tragedies which helped trim the population on occasion. Yellow fever outbreaks produced victims which appeared to be dead but were simply in a comatose state. Many times these victims awoke after being buried, only to die one of the worst deaths imaginable. During battles fought in Savannah, the wounded were sometimes buried with the dead. Did these souls, trapped underground and after dying from a horrible death stick around as ghosts in Savannah? I think that situation is more likely. Did this contribute to Savannah being as haunted as it is? I certainly think so. On our ghost tours, your guide will often stop at unmarked burial grounds throughout the city. You will hear the tales of plagues, murders, secret burials and more while touring Savannah looking for our ghostly residents.

In Part Two: Bloody Battlefields we will cover the next theory of why Savannah is soo haunted, the battles and wars fought on the soil of Savannah.

In the meantime if you're interest is piqued please give us a call at 888-859-5375. We will take you to areas of the city that are off the beaten path. Hear the stories about the people and events which helped make Savannah as haunted as it is.