Is Savannah America’s Most Haunted City?

Is Savannah America’s Most Haunted City?

If you’ve even been to Savannah Georgia I am sure you heard, and often, how Savannah is the most haunted city in America. It seems like there is a ghost and a tour wanting to take you to that ghost of every corner of the Historic District. Savannah has over 40 Savannah ghost tour companies, so surely Savannah is very very haunted, right?

I will agree with the statement that Savannah is a very haunted city, more haunted than most for sure. There are numerous reasons why a city like Savannah would be haunted. Disease, plagues, warfare, natural disasters, slavery…I could go on and on. Once you start to dig below the surface of many of the stories of ghosts in Savannah you can start to connect the dots between the hauntings people are experiencing and the causes for those hauntings. That is why taking a Savannah ghost tour is soo popular. You’ll walk to many of these haunted locations, hearing the stories of the tragedy and heartache that seemed to seep into everyday life in Savannah, resulting in an abnormal number of people dying under tragic, unnecessary conditions, leaving our beautiful city a petri dish of sorts…the perfect breeding ground for ghosts.

Is every building in Savannah Haunted?

Haha, it certainly seems like that way at times. Depending on the ghost tour company you go with they may very well have you believing that every building is haunted. Even if they have to make up stories to support their claims.

If you go into almost any restaurant or bar in the Historic District you’re almost certain to run into someone who has a ghostly experience while working there. Some of these locations are very well known, such as the Ol Pink House or the 17Hundred90 Inn. Others are not as prominent. The point is, it seems like everyone who has spent time in any of these buildings has their own ghost story. If you take one of our walking ghost tours you’ll visit many of these famous Savannah eateries..and some of the lesser known ones.

The ghosts and hauntings are not limited to the restaurants and bars. Hotels, office spaces, mom-n-pop stores…it really does seem like there really is a ghost everywhere.

My Opinion

I have spent a lot of time in some of America’s most haunted cities..there are still a few I have to hit. Whenever anyone asks me about where I think the most haunted place is, I am always torn between Savannah and Gettysburg. I spent years investigating the battlefields and buildings in around Gettysburg. I can tell you, without a doubt it lives up to its reputation as being very haunted. But is it more haunted than Savannah? I honestly don’t know.

I can tell you that I have had more evidence of ghosts and hauntings in Gettysburg than I have in Savannah. Owning a ghost tour company in Savannah has opened up doors, allowing me to investigate many of the ghosts of Savannah. But it seems to be hit or miss. I wonder sometimes if locations in Savannah take advantage of the city’s haunted reputation to try and make their establishment more haunted than it is, if it is even haunted at all.

In Gettysburg, you never have that issue. Aside from the ghost tour companies there most locations try to play down the haunted factor in favor or a more historic image…and I love that about Gettysburg.

All things considered, I am still very torn about whether or not America’s most haunted city is Savannah Georgia. I get to a point in my thought where I think…’Who cares?’. And seriously, what does it matter if Savannah is the most haunted city? It IS a very very haunted city with perhaps more verified hauntings and ghosts than any other city in our country. That is enough for me.

Get the real Story on a Ghost Tour

On our ghost tours you’ll hear the real story, the real history of the haunted places in Savannah. I can assure you, we’ll never run out of new locations to take our guests, new haunted buildings to explore…After all, it doesn’t matter if Savannah is the most haunted city in America, or maybe it is number 2…It is MY haunted city. And I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else.

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