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What you need to know about touring in Haunted New Orleans

New Orleans Q&A

Tips for When You Should Book a French Quarter Ghost Tour

We encourage you to come during the off season. The lull between Halloween and Mardi Gras, ironically, offers the best weather for touring the City of New Orleans. Plus, by the time Mardi Gras rolls around, the French Quarter presents a less than ideal environment for touring; as, the area becomes occupied with individuals who are more interested in consuming alcoholic beverages than exploring and learning about the dark past of New Orleans and the ghost who still haunt the city.

Another great time to take a ghost tour in New Orleans, is between August and September; as, they are some of the slower months with summer ending and kids heading back to school. But, this also means, you have a better chance of booking whatever tour you want, though remember this is New Orleans; so, bring the bug spray and sunscreen (yes, these are needed in September and even October).

Tips for What to Expect on a French Quarter Ghost Tour

In a city as well known for its hauntings as New Orleans is, there are numerous tour company, but when selecting a tour it’s important to research all the companies to find one that works best for you. Ghost City Tours focuses on historical evidence to backup the infamous ghost stories of New Orleans. We search for the truth, rather than just sharing tired and unproven stories that other tour companies have been telling for decades.

If you are a lover of history, and we are assuming so, since you are looking into taking a tour, we think it's always great when our customers do a little research about the city beforehand. This allows for a more interactive experience. Plus, our tour guides love to converse about the history of New Orleans.

Tips For Picking the Right French Quarter Ghost Tour

Not a hundred percent which tour you want to take? Well, if you’re going to be in town for multiple days, then why not take multiple ghost tours in the French Quarter. Each tour guide who works for us, has a personality as unique as each tour we offer, and taking multiple tours will enable you to gain different perspectives on the paranormal activity in the French Quarter.

Tips on What to Do if You Have an Encounter While on a French Quarter Ghost Tour

As mentioned before, the probability of actually seeing a ghost is extremely rare. Very few visitors have been fortunate enough to have had a paranormal encounter while on a ghost tour. That being said, it does happen from time to time; so, you do want to be ready just in case you do spot an orb or even a full body apparition.

The best way to be prepared for capturing a ghost is by camera (not the trapping device from the Ghostbusters); so, you always want to keep your camera on hand. The second tip, is to use your camera sparingly. One of the reasons why it’s rare to see a ghost, is that they actually tend to be private, they’re a shy bunch and prefer their anonymity. So, when the flashes from cameras starting shining on them, they tend to retreat back into the shadows.

Want a Family Friendly Ghost Tour?

If you’re traveling with your kids, but still want to hear some ghost stories, then our All Ages, The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour is for you. This tour is particularly great if you have children under the age the of sixteen. We don’t age discriminate either, so kids under five years of age are also able to join in on the adventure for free (your Scooby Doo diggin’ dogs are welcomed too). Do bear in mind this is still a ninety minute tour, which begins promptly at 8 pm. But, hey, you’re only young once.

The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour also allows us the chance to give our guests a great overview of the long and turbulent history that the City of New Orleans has endured throughout its reign as the most haunted city in the country. The main agenda of this tour is to dispel rumors and those sensationalized stories that surround locations in the French Quarter, like the LaLaurie Mansion.

Looking for a Darker Adults Only Tour?

The Killers and Thrillers Tour – West may not be appropriate for kids (as it’s an adults only tour after all) but, if you’re in town with some friends and looking to hear the tales of New Orleans’ darkest legends and spirits of the night, then Ghost City’s Killers and Thrillers – West is the right tour for you and your friends to book.

While this is an adults only tour, we do not advertise Killer and Thriller – West (or any of our tours for that matter) as “scary.” Scary is a rather relative term; for instance, some find clowns to be unsettling while others find them funny and endearing (I’m not sure who these latter people are, but good for ’em).

Want to Go on the Bad Girls of New Orleans Tour?

On the Killers and Thrillers Tour – East, you’ll learn that while the 1800s were indeed an oppressive century for the fairer sex, in New Orleans, women were known to take control of their own future. The women of New Orleans led an amazonian like existence in the French Quarter, using their specialized skill sets to dupe those of a pompous disposition.

Some of these women whose stories are shared on the Killers and Thrillers Tour -East include the Voodoo Queen herself, Marie Laveau and her genius level of dupery. Also on this tour you’ll hear the true tales of Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and you’ll soon learn that all the embellishments tossed around over the years were unnecessary, as the truth is one so twisted that it is quite possible her tales will give nightmares for years to come.

Interested in Hearing About the Spirits While Having a Spirit or Two (or More)?

Our New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl, is not just a tour about the hauntings and history of the Crescent City, it is also a 101 introduction into the French Quarter’s most legendary drinks. As you may have already deduced, on this tour you must be at least 21 years of age (one of the advantages of getting older).

The pub crawl is Ghost City’s own signature cocktail (figurative speaking of course), a perfect blend (shaken not stirred) of drink history and ghost history. This tour is for the laid back minded, who wish for nothing more than a relaxing evening of interesting ghost stories.

Never been on a ghost hunt before?

No problemo, we gotcha covered. We’ll give you a rundown on what to expect, as this is the first rodeo for many of our guests, so there’s no need to cowboy up. We also supply all the equipment that is needed for the hunt (although if you would like to use your own gear, you are more than welcomed to do so), but as many of you are first-timers, we provide you with the use of our night-vision camcorders, voice recorders, MEL Meters, Spirit Boxes and much more.

If you find that tours are just too slowly paced for your adrenaline pumping soul, or if you’re a budding paranormal junkies, then our New Orleans Ghost Experience is just what the doctor prescribed.

The Ghost Tour Dirt on Hotel Recommendations

You can’t always trust the concierge’s recommendations. Yep, I said it. And it is totally true. The major players in New Orleans’ ghost tour scene actually pay concierges to recommend people to them. It becomes a bidding war, which company is going to pay the most.

While your concierge may actually have your best interest in mind, when helping you pick the perfect ghost tour in New Orleans, many simply refer their guests to the company that pays them the most.

Why We Don't Do Vampire Tours

hrough our research we have discovered countless haunting encounters, we in turn share these accounts on our tours. But, when it comes to tales of vampires, they appear to be just that, tales. This is why we don’t give vampire tours. We want to supply the people who go on our tours with evidence and facts, and vampire tours just do not subject well to scrutiny.

And, let’s face it, you can’t really investigate vampires in the same way you can ghosts. Ghosts are presences you can feel and communicate with, they have history that you can verify. Vampires, not so much. What are you going to do, walk up to people in the hours of night and throw garlic and holy water at them? No, not a good idea, for more reasons than one. The main reason though, is while you might be glad that your blood isn’t about to be sucked out by someone dressed in goth, the relief will soon fade, once the cuffs are slapped on you and you’re hauled off to jail.