New Orleans Haunted Information

Find out some frequently asked questions about Haunted New Orleans

The Chattanooga Choo Choo, one of the most famous haunted places in Chattanooga

Where Can I Ghost Hunt?

So, you want to know what's available for you in the city of New Orleans to set up an investigation? For the most part, many places in the city are privately owned or off-limits to the public at night.

But does that mean that there is no where to do a ghost hunt? Well, you're in luck. Ghost City has compiled a list of places that are available to you. Don't miss out.

Where can I investigate in New Orleans

A look into Underground Chattanooga, rumored to the very haunted.

Why is New Orleans Haunted?

Everyone knows that New Orleans is considered to be America's most haunted city ... but why so?

We've teamed up with our local tour guides to get their take on this question. Why is New Orleans Haunted? Well, for more reasons than one ... we suggest reading this article before striking out on your own. You truly never know who you might come across.

I want to know why New Orleans is haunted.