The Ghosts of the Olde Pink House

The Pink House Restaurant, which is the the Habersham House on Reynold’s Square, is home to some of Savannah’s most mischievous ghosts. On our Grave Tales of Savannah Ghost Tour we will take you to the Olde Pink House and tell you the stories of the Habersham family, for whom the house was built. We will also tell you some of the spine-tingling stories about the ghosts and hauntings which occur at the Pink House.

Perhaps the most famous ghost at the Pink House is the ghost of James Habersham Jr. Mr. Habersham had the house constructed in 1789. His family earned their wealth through cotton and rice farming. Patrons of the bar in the bottom level of the Pink House have reported seeing James Habersham hanging out taking in the scene. As fanciful as it may seem, other guests have had conversations with someone dressed in a style that would have been common in Mr. Habersham’s time. They would believe it is an reenactor, until their eyes leave him for a second and their partner in conversation disappears without a trace.

Talking to the staff at the Pink House will yield some interesting accounts of ghostly hauntings over the years. Apparently a spirit in the Pink House enjoys playing pranks on some of the diners of the Restaurant. Menus, which are occasionally stood in the middle of the table, will fall forward towards a guest, for no reason. Inevitably, the menu will hit a glass of wine, knocking it onto the table or into the lap of the person enjoying their meal.

While on our Grave Tales of Savannah ghost tour you will hear the true stories of the Habersham family. You’ll find out who hung themselves in the basement of the house. On certain nights we even have access to areas of the house.

Getting to the Pink House Restaurant

The Olde Pink House Restaurant is located 23 Abercorn Street, on Reynolds Square. If you plan on dining at the haunted Pink House reservations are highly encouraged.