Haunted Savannah

Haunted Savannah, Hauntings in Savannah are an all too common happening. Why do you think there are soo many ghost tour companies here in Savannah seeking for the ghosts which haunt our streets and buildings? In recent blog posts I have tried to shed some light on why Savannah is soo haunted. War, famines, disease outbreaks, natural disasters…Savannah has seen it all.

Now, what I am going to do is show you around to Savannah’s most well known haunted locations. While this is a great overview for the hauntings and ghosts of Savannah, nothing can replace a high quality ghost tour. When you’re ready to take a haunted ghost tour of Savannah let us know. Until then, enjoy this list of the most haunted places in Savannah Georgia.

The Most Haunted Places in Savannah

A photo of the Mercer Williams House, which is located in Savannah Georgia

Haunted Houses of Savannah

Whether you're talking about large-scale mansions, or tiny Cape Cod style cottages, Savannah's Historic District is brimming with haunted houses on every street and on very square.  While many of these properties are privately owned still, a few operate as museums . . . Meaning that you will have the chance to enter.  At your own risk, of course.

From dark tales of murder and acts of jealousy, to the tragic deaths of loved ones, these are Savannah's most haunted residential places--could you brave the ghosts of these homes?

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A photo of the haunted Columbia Square, which is located in Savannah Georgia

Haunted Savannah Squares

Savannah's Historic District is home to 24 squares.  Some were laid out during the city's founding years when General Oglethorpe settled the area, while others are more recent additions from a century or so ago.  But all have a story to tell--beneath the grass, the benches, the picturesque landscape, some were old burial grounds or execution places.

While you might pause to snap a photo of a beautiful oak tree or monument, be aware that you might not be alone.  For as old and pretty as these squares might be, more than a few are known to be haunted by the ghosts of days long ago . . .

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A photo of the haunted 1790 Hundred Inn, which is located in the Historic District of Savannah Georgia

Haunted Hotels in Savannah Georgia

Are you traveling to Savannah, Georgia, and hoping to room with some ghosts? If so, they look no further: we've collected the ghostly stories from some of our favorite haunted places to stay in Savannah's Historic District. Whether you're keen on just hearing the supernatural stories or are ready to book yourself a room, we hope you'll take a peek and realize . . .

Savannah's hotels have quite the haunted reputation, including one particular hotel which was recently rated in the Top 5 Haunted Hotels in the entire world.  Now you just can't beat that anywhere else.

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A photo of the haunted The Olde Pink House which is located in the Historic District of Savannah Georgia

Haunted Savannah Restaurants and Bars

Looking for a place to eat or drink with a ghostly legend or two? It's no secret that Savannah's reputation of being the most haunted city in Savannah precedes itself, but it's safe to say that this "reputation" is backed up by hard paranormal evidence.

The ghosts of these locations have known to play pranks on patrons, but they are just as well known to act violently toward the living.  Which type of ghost you come across depends on the haunted location . . . It's our hope that you meet the ghostly pranksters, but if you meet a darker entity please remember that we warned you.

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Colonial Park Cemetery, in the Historic District, is considered by many to be the most haunted place in Savannah.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Considered by many to be one of the most haunted, if not the most haunted location in all of Savannah, Colonial Park Cemetery is a must see for any paranormal enthusiast while visiting Savannah Georgia.

The stories that involve Colonial Park are well known to most locals. What else is well known to locals is that most of the ghost stories about how haunted Colonial Park Cemetery is…are complete garbage.

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River Street, once home to Savannah's ports, is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in the City.

River Street

River Street has always been a source of weird energy and ghostly tales, dating all the way back to the early days of Savannah’s history. The buildings which line River Street, most of them old warehouses, all seem to have a ghost or haunting inside. The buildings on River Street are a paranormal investigator’s playground to say the least.

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Factors Walk is one of Savannah's most haunted locations, but not very well-known.

Factors Walk

Factor’s Walk is certainly one of the most passed over areas in the historic district of Savannah. It is an area rich in history, intrigue…and ghosts. Sandwiched in between River Street and Bay Street, Factor’s Walk has seen more than its share of tragedy. Our tour groups often report ghostly activity in the cobblestone lined Factor’s Walk alley.

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Bradley's Lock and Key. One of Haunted Savannah's historic buildings.

Bradley's Lock and Key

One of the more unique locations in all of Savannah, Bradley's Lock and Key has long been rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of Savannah's past. Today, everyone who passes by this building in Haunted Savannah has to stop and look in the windows at all of the objects, some of them possibly haunted.

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The Lucas Theatre, in Savannah Georgia. Said to be haunted by the ghosts of Savannah's past.

The Lucas Theatre

Located off of Reynolds Square, the Lucas Theatre has an interesting, and at times, confusing, history. One thing we know for sure is that there seem to be more than a few ghosts haunting the Lucas Theatre. Between staff members and others, many people have had paranormal happenings at the Lucas Theatre.

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Fort McAllister, one of Savannah's most haunted locations.

Haunted Fort McAllister

The site of a Civil War battle, over Savannah, Fort McAllister has long been known as one of Savannah's most haunted locations. Visitors to the battlefield, along with people who work there, have reported seeing ghosts or having other paranormal events happening to them.

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A photo of the very haunted Savannah Theatre, which can be found in the Historic District of Savannah, Georgia

The Ghosts of the Savannah Theatre

You do not have to look very hard to find haunted spots in Savannah, it seems like every hotel, store and square in town has a ghost story to tell. Well, you can add The Savannah Theatre to the top of that list. It's been around the block longer than most of Savannah's operating establishments, and as such, it has collected many lost souls over the years.

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Fort Jackson in Savannah, Ghost City Tours.

The Ghosts of Old Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson and its grounds, which are soaked with blood, are as haunted as any location that can be found in the City of Savannah, and it for this reason that the Old Fort should be treated with great respect. The story of military life that the fort tells is a history lesson without words. It's an experience that one can only fully comprehend by feeling the atmosphere it presents.

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