The most haunted places in Galveston, as told by Ghost City Tours

What are the MOST HAUNTED Places in Galveston?

Haunted Savannah, Hauntings in Savannah are an all too common happening. After all, many people consider Savannah to be the most haunted city in America, and maybe even the World!

This is why there are soo many ghost tour companies here in Savannah, hunting for the ghosts which haunt our streets and buildings. In everything we do, here at Ghost City Tours, we try to shed some light on why Savannah is soo haunted. War, famines, disease outbreaks, natural disasters…Savannah has seen it all. If you scroll down the page you'll find the most haunted locations in Savannah. We've told the stories about the people and events associated with these paranormal hotspots.

While this is a great overview for the hauntings and ghosts of Savannah, nothing can replace a high quality ghost tour. When you’re ready to take a haunted ghost tour of Savannah let us know. Until then, enjoy this list of the most haunted places in Savannah Georgia.

Want to See a Ghost in Savannah?

While we cannot guarantee a ghost sighting, there is a better chance it could happen in Savannah than in most other cities. We put together an article on the Best Places for a Ghostly Encounter in Savannah. Check it out if you'd like to stay in or visit the places in Savannah where you have a good chance of having a paranormal experience with the ghosts of Savannah.

The Moody Mansion, one of the most famous haunted places on Galveston Island.

The Moody Mansion

Whether you're talking about large-scale mansions, or tiny Cape Cod style cottages, Savannah's Historic District is brimming with haunted houses on every street and on very square. While many of these properties are privately owned still, a few operate as museums . . . Meaning that you will have the chance to enter. At your own risk, of course.

From dark tales of murder and acts of jealousy, to the tragic deaths of loved ones, these are Savannah's most haunted residential places--could you brave the ghosts of these homes?

Learn more about the ghosts of the Moody Mansion.

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