Nighttime in St. Augustine, when the ghosts at St. Augustine's most haunted places are most often seen..

What are the MOST HAUNTED Places in St. Augustine?

It is no secret that St. Augustine is one of the most haunted cities in America, if not the World.

Being the oldest city in America, St. Augustine is the perfect place to find ghosts. After all, it seems like the older a city or location is, the more ghosts and hauntings that can found there. St. Augustine is no exception. When Ghost City Tours was debating 'What city should we offer tours in next?' St. Augustine quickly rose to the top fo the list.

Apparently we're not the only ones who are interested in the haunted places in St. Augustine. Tens of thousands of people visit St. Augustine every year with the hope of having a paranormal interaction. This is why we put together this list of the most haunted locations in St. Augustine. You can browse through the different haunted places below and find everything from a place to stay, a place to eat, and even a few haunted cemeteries to explore.

While this list is certainly a valuable asset when you're planning your trip to haunted St. Augustine, nothing can replace one of our spooky ghost tours. On our St. Augustine Ghost Tours we take our guests to the most haunted locations, ensuring that they'll have problems falling asleep with the lights off after the tour. You'll hear the terrifying stories about these haunted locations!

We hope to see you in 'America's oldest City'! We promise that there are few cities in America which can offer you so many haunted locations and ghost stories as St. Augustine can.

Castillo de San Marcos at night, one of the most famous haunted locations in St. Augustine

Castillo de San Marcos

Well known as one of the most haunted places you can visit in St. Augustine, the Castillo de San Marcos has been featured on many ghost hunting TV shows.

People visiting the Fort have seen the ghosts of soldiers walking the grounds.

Learn more about Castillo de San Marcos.
The St. Augustine Lighthouse, featured on many ghost hunting TV shows like Ghost Hunters.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse

Learn more about the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

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