Are Ghost Tours Scary?

How scary or spooky are Ghost Tours offered by Ghost City Tours?

One of the questions we get asked most often here at Ghost City Tours is “aren’t ghost tours scary?” Our answer is always “it’s subjective and entirely depends on the individual.”

What do you personally find scary? Do ghost hunting shows and true crime series get you excited for visiting certain locations, or do they make you want to run away screaming? If you are looking for a haunted attraction-like jump scare, you won’t find it on one of our tours. If you are looking for a chill down your spine or the hairs on your arm standing on end while listening to the true tales of a historic building right in front of you, then you’ve come to the right place. If you are expecting to encounter a ghost at every turn and capture entities within your camera frame, we can’t make any promises, because like whale-watching, ghosts tend to come and go as they please. The only promise we CAN make is that you will have an entertaining time with one of our top-notch tour guides and walk away with a lot more knowledge of our cities haunted histories than you ever knew before!

True and authentic storytelling is our motto here at Ghost City Tours, because often times the truth is stranger than fiction, so why tell any different? Believers and skeptics, adults and kids, ghosts and the living, can all have a great time on our tours in Savannah, New Orleans, Charleston, and San Antonio.

Different Tours, Different Feelings

On a scale of Scooby Doo to American Horror Story, where do you rank? Are you in the middle at True Detective and CSI? Or do you waver on the side of Ghostbusters? Herein lies the answer to the question only you can answer. If you love true crime/thriller shows and can handle some gory details like FBI Files, then our adults only tours are a great and entertaining choice for you. If you’re looking for more history with a few ghost stories of real people peppered in that the whole family can enjoy, then our haunted history tours are the answer. But if Grandma screams at the very thought of a 100-year-old tombstone or a pirate still enjoying his drink centuries later, you may want to leave her at the hotel to enjoy some room service and reruns of The Love Boat.

Ghost City Tours offers an array of haunted tours to fit anyone’s realm of sensitivities. Our Haunted History Tours are for all ages, offering a historically accurate telling of our cities mysterious and sometimes troubled past - they might even incite a goosebump or two. Our late night and adults-only tours are not for the faint of heart - these macabre tales include notorious and detailed crimes with more sinister and dark twists - and they have been known to incite a gasp along with those chills up the spine and hairs standing on end. Our Pub Crawls are 21+ for obvious reasons...drinking with the spirits of the city is only to be enjoyed by the adults of drinking age.

Kid-Friendly Tours

What child doesn’t love a good pirate story or a ghost story told around a campfire? We encourage you to bring along the kiddos so they can experience local history and lore, pushing the limits of what is traditionally told in their classrooms and online...bringing the haunted past to life right before their eyes on one of our historically accurate haunted tours.

Michael, one of our tour guides in New Orleans, is a history professor at a local college and a historian of New Orleans dark and sorted past. A great entertainer (as are all of our guides), he is always full of amazing information you never knew and is always eager to pass on his immense knowledge about the people and places of the Crescent City, keeping the kids intrigued the whole way. Make sure to take our Ghosts of New Orleans tour to find out more!

Our Haunted History Tours are for everyone! If you are looking for a new and entertaining way to share local history with the kids in the family, our haunted walking tours are the right choice for you. The historical information and figures that shaped each city’s culture and timeline are presented in an exciting and entertaining way on our Ghost City Tours. The figures may still be lingering around, waiting to share their own stories and reveal themselves to you.

Adults Only Tours

Our adults-only tours are definitely not just limited to Pub Crawls, which allow for sharing in spirits of both the paranormal kind and the liquid kind. Sometimes sharing authentic and true tales involve notorious crimes, macabre and shady history, demented hauntings and demons, sinister tales, not-so-friendly spirits, as well as the darker side of human nature and the ghosts it leaves behind. We believe these topics are too much for imaginative young minds, so we save these tales for the more experienced.

In New Orleans, our Killers and Thrillers Tour envelops the true crime aspects of the city and its darker times. Details of murders and other heinous crimes can be too much for some people. If you are sensitive to the aspects of murder and gritty stories of the past, then stick with one of our family-friendly tours, because this stop isn’t for you. But if you enjoy the likes of True Detective, Bones, CSI, FBI Files and Paranormal Lockdown, we are sure you will enjoy the ride!

Will a ghost follow me home?

We get this one a lot too…”will a ghost follow me home?” The short answer is “NO.” But are you sensitive to the spiritual and paranormal? If you are, then we have a couple of simple suggestions:


Don’t provoke the spirits and they will leave you alone. Just like any other person walking the streets, don’t go out of your way to disrespect them and you won’t have any reason to think you’ll be a target. Be respectful and mindful to everyone, including and especially the spirits of our haunted cities.

The Art of Asking

There is nothing out of the ordinary about asking someone to stay where they belong. So if you are feeling uneasy and need to ask a ghost to stay put and not join you on your journey, feel free, we won’t judge! You don’t need any hitchhiking ghosts following you around.

Ghost Tour vs. Haunted Attraction

Comparing a ghost tour to a haunted attraction is like comparing watching an episode of Paranormal Lockdown as opposed to participating IN an episode of Paranormal Lockdown. Ghost tours are meant to incite an occasional goosebump, haunted attractions are meant for screams, gasps, and jumpscares. If you are looking for the latter, you won’t find it on any of our tours. If you’re looking for tales of murder, revenge, and other bone-chilling stories, then a haunted history tour or adult oriented ghost tour is for you. You may even see or experience a few things you can’t explain. But if seeing the ghosts right before you in frightening detail, watching fake blood get splattered on the wall, or hearing terrifying screams in the next room is your thing, then a haunted attraction is more up your alley.

While haunted attractions are a form of entertainment in their own right, the entertainment value of any haunted walking tour is entirely dependent on the guide, their knowledge of the subject, and how they relay the story to you. We believe our guides are the best you can get - presenting true tales of ghosts and their unique history in an entertaining way that everyone can enjoy! Our guides are friendly, eager to answer your questions, and excited to share the haunted history and culture of their respective cities.

Our Ghost Tours

From our family friendly haunted history tours to our adults only pub crawls and late night tours, Ghost City Tours has something for everyone!

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