On Death and Depravity: The Tour

Tour the haunted locations involved with Charleston's most unsavory days in history!

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10 pm | 90-minute Tour Every Night TBD
Ages 16+ Only: $29.95


  • You'll get to hear about Charleston's most haunted places associated with the seedier side of Charleston. Brothels, murders, the mob, and much more!
  • This is Ghost City's Adults only ghost tour in Charleston. This means that you'll get to experience the ghosts of Charleston without listening to someone's children. Admit it, they can bother you.
  • This is Charleston's latest starting Ghost Tour. Come out after all of the tourists have went back to their hotels. Less people out = more spooky.

Consider this the Unholy Ghost Tour of the Holy City

Charleston, South Carolina, is an elegant Southern City. Beautiful homes line the streets and with a nickname like the "Holy City," Charleston boasts a reputation of purity and faithfulness...

But Charleston has not always been so very "holy." Prohibition. Brothels. Duels. Murder. In opening in Charleston, we knew that we wanted to create a tour that peeled back the genteel layers of opulance. We wanted more than just the standard Lady in White story--we wanted a ghost tour that would show you just how disturbing this "Holy City" has been since its founding in the 17th century. We wanted to introduce our guests to the underbelly of Charleston and the ghosts which still roam the city's streets.

On our On Death and Depravity Tour, you will explore Charleston's seedier history. From the city's brothels to gritty true crime stories, On Death and Depravity will open the door to the darker side of human nature. Combining aspects of the truly horrific, the scandalously salacious and the just-plan-weird, this ghost tour is a unique look at a city which largely ignores its dark past.

If you're looking for a ghost tour with mature themes, then On Death and Depravity is exactly what you need.


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