A Girl and her Ghosts

Follow along with Gretchen on her paranormal journey

Gretchen Upshaw
Gretchen and her Thoroughbreed mare, Taffy

I'm no stranger to the strange......

My experiences with the paranormal began as a little girl with my imaginary friend, who turned out to be not so imaginary and not always friendly. But I never thought that what and/or who I could see and feel would be something of interest to others, much less turn into a line on my resume for a career in the paranormal - Thank You Cable Television!

Now, after mustering up some courage, I have decided to start documenting a few of these kooky things that I have the privilege of experiencing with the hopes that I can help encourage a community of 'Experiencers' to share their stories, and perhaps plant a seed of intrigue in all of those 'Nonbelievers.' So, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my ghost filled life.

Gretchen's first night at Old South Pittsburg Hospital

The Haunted Hospital: The First Night

Many paranormal investigators claim that this is the most haunted place that they have ever visited in the US. That claim does two things to me, it makes me say to myself, “whatever,” while simultaneously saying to my other Self, “lucky me.”

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Gretchen's second night at Old South Pittsburg Hospital

The Haunted Hospital: She's Alive (Night Two)

I woke up feeling pretty OK after a night in OSPH. The events of the previous evening had sent me into a deep sleep and I reckon I was able to recharge a bit, prepared to face our last night.

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Ghost Hunting in New Orleans' French Quarter

Ghostly Voices in the French Quarter

The New Orleans’ sky was looking a bit ominous, but the threats were welcome. There’s something about a good thunderstorm that elevates the energies in places with known activities – or so I’m told.

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Gretchen's ghost hunt at the haunted Wax Museum in New Orleans

A Night at the Museum

New Orleans is known for her uniqueness. She is a city like no other and makes certain her eccentricities and colorful culture is served up by the spoonful. Her energy, her darkness, and her ghosts are a part of the Crescent City’s recipe for living fabulously.

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The Ghosts which follow Gretchen

Visitation Rites

Some say spirits can follow you, not always stationary to a location, but attached to the person. I don’t think this is exclusive to the waking life. And I’m not even sure if the spirit has to have any specific connection to the “host.”

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