Ghost Hunts at Old South Pittsburg Hospital

This is your chance to join Ghost City Tours on a real ghost hunt at one of America’s most haunted locations, Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

Spend One Night or Both

How many ghosts do you think you can handle? At Old South Pittsburg Hospital we offer you the chance to spend 2 days and nights inside this haunted hotspot. If you’re not ready to stay both nights, simply buy one night.

Tickets for a single night of ghost hunting at Old South Pittsburg Hospital are $99 per night, or $189 for both nights.

All Ghost Hunting Equipment is Provided

As with all of our ghost hunting events, all of your ghost hunting gear is provided for you. Full spectrum camcorders, voice recorders, Ovilus Devices, REM Pods, Mel Meters, Laser Grids…the list goes on and on.

Not only do we bring ghost hunting equipment, we bring enough for everyone! If you’ve always wanted to try new or different equipment during your ghost hunts, here is your chance.

Keep all of your Recordings

Every person who participates in our Ghost Hunts will be able to download all of their recordings. Audio and Video recordings will be available with 72 hours of the ghost hunt at Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

So, after the ghost hunt, enjoy viewing your videos and listening to your audio recordings to see if you captured any evidence during your time at Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

Event Dates:
April 17th and 18th, 2015

Starting Times:
Friday Only: 8pm – 10am
Saturday Only: 8pm – 10am
Both Nights: Friday at 8pm – Sunday at 10am

Single Night: $99 per person
Both Nights: $189 per person

Purchase Tickets
Online: Ghost City Tours on Zerve
Telephone: 504-210-8540