Ghost City Tours | Ghost Hunting Event at Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio

Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt

April 4th and | 18th 2014

7pm - 5am

$119 per person

Mansfield OH, 44905

Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunt

Date: April 4th and 18th 2014

Time: 7pm – 5am

Cost: $119 per person – Use Our Payment Plan

Ages 18 and older only!
April 18th is SOLD OUT

This is a PRIVATE ghost hunt. Tickets will be limited!
Tickets are Nonrefundable

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Ghost Hunt at the Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio

Soo many of you have asked that we add the Ohio State (Mansfield) Reformatory to our ghost hunt circuit, we couldn’t resist! So, we are happy to bring you Ghost City Tours’ overnight Ghost Hunting event at the Mansfield Reformatory!

On April 4th and 18th we will have full access to the enormous buildings which make up the Reformatory. You’ll be able to explore the haunted walks and cells of this historic prison.

This is very important to note, this is a private ghost hunt. Only our group will have access to the Reformatory. This allows us to keep a secure environment for an uncontaminated ghost hunt. If you just go on a general hunt, you can be placed inside with as many as 100 people. This is not the way to do a real ghost hunt.

Ghost Hunting events at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio


A Prison Tour and Ghost Hunting 101

Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Hunting Event

Prior to the start of our ghost hunt event we will be treated to a tour of the Ohio State Reformatory by their staff. We’ll be taken into all areas of the prison. As a group we’ll be able to see where all of the ghost hot-spots area. You’ll even get to see where famous films, such as the Shawshank Redemption were filmed.

After our tour of the Ohio State Reformatory you’ll be treated to an hour long class that we’ll call Ghost Hunting 101. During this time you’ll have a chance to learn how to use all of the equipment we make available for you. Led by experienced paranormal investigator Tim Nealon, this class is perfect for the first time ghost hunter or someone who could use a chance to work off the rust.

We’ll also have a Q&A session where you’ll get to ask our staff any questions you might have. Throughout the night our staff will be with you, helping at each step of the way.

All Ghost Hunting Equipment is provided!

You don’t have to be a ghost hunter to join one of our ghost hunting events. We bring all of the ghost hunting equipment you could want to use…and a lot of it! Everyone will be able to use whatever equipment the like.

Some of the equipment we bring includes:

  • HD Full Spectrum Camcorders
  • SB7 Spirit Boxes
  • Ovilus III ITC Devices
  • Laser Grid Systems
  • Full Spectrum Digital Cameras
  • High end Digital Voice Recorders
  • MEL Meters
  • REM Pods
  • EM Pumps
  • …and much more!

This is going to be one of the hottest ghost hunting events of 2014! Get your tickets now!

Call us to get YOUR tickets 912-660-9539
9am – 11pm EST