Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Bobby Mackey’s

Date: July 30th and 31st
Time: 10pm – 3am
Cost: $109 per night / $199 Both Nights
Ages 18 and older only!
This is a PRIVATE ghost hunt with only 10 tickets sold per night.
Tickets are Nonrefundable

Ticket Sales

By Phone:

Join our overnight Ghost Hunt at Bobby Mackey’s

In Wilder Kentucky is a place that is steeped in mystery and darkness. With more than 40 individual ghosts inside, and not all of them nice, Bobby Mackey’s Music World has garnered quite the reputation as the most haunted nightclub in America. The ghosts and spirits inside of Bobby Mackey’s are considered some of the most active ever encountered. So, what better place to conduct one of our overnight ghost hunts?

On July 30th and 31st we will be holding an overnight ghost hunt and paranormal investigation at Bobby Mackey’s. From 10pm until 3am we will have full access to the place many consider one of the most haunted buildings in America. When we investigated Bobby Mackey’s with our guests in October we had every kind of ghostly activity you can imagine. Numerous shadow figures, EVPs, people being touched, things being thrown at us…we can can on and on. This is one seriously awesome haunted location.

Each night we will only allow 10 people to join us! This chance to investigate Bobby Mackey’s WILL sell out. SO, don’t wait to get your tickets if this is something you’ve truly been wanting to do. We are only allowing 10 people in per night to make sure that everyone has a true ghost hunting experience, the last thing we want is crowding.

You can choose to get tickets for only one night or both. Once you spend the night locked inside of this haunted place you may want to keep coming back.

Use our Equipment or Bring Your Own

When it comes to paranormal investigating and ghost hunting, equipment matters. We bring enough equipment for everyone to use. We only use top of the line equipment. You will not find any $20 EMF detectors in our equipment cases. Some of the equipment we bring for our guests to use include:

  • Full Spectrum Camcorders
  • MEL Meters
  • High end Digital Voice Recorders
  • Ovilus Devices
  • Spirit Boxes
  • REM Pods
  • …and more